ELLORA BEAUTY REVIEW: ACTIVE SKINCARE, THE SCIENCE BEHIND Matrixyl® 3000, & an ideal routine for a spring/summer beauty routine

Monday, 20 March 2017

I was lucky enough to be sent some truly gorgeous products from Ellora Beauty; a  green beauty brand based in London whose ethos is very much aligned with mine, using high grade, scientifically backed ingredients and using gorgeous botanicals.  I was so impressed by these products- my skin feels so refreshed, and the formulations are so gentle and nourishing. I always want light, fresh products that are hard working at the same time during summer. This range is ideal as I move away from heavier skincare and makeup into wearing less. If someone were looking for a recommendation for a daytime summer skincare routine- this would be it! Three beautiful products which work incredibly effectively together. My skin is glowing...thank you so much Ellora Beauty xxx



These products have some incredibly innovative and unique ingredients which have left my skin soft, glowing and fresh. The facial cleansing gel is absolutely beautiful- ideal for refreshing tired, dull skin. It has a beautiful botanical based formulation with Damask rose (an Ayurvedic staple for beauty) and red clover extract, which maintains the slightly acidic pH of the skin while some harsh cleansers can cause the hallmark stinging and sensitivity. This is without a doubt one of the most gentle, refreshing cleansers I have used so far and would recommend to anyone who struggles with finding a delicate yet effective cleanser. The gel texture is a joy to use, it doesn't excessively strip the skin of oils  but still cleans deeply, foams and has a gorgeous fruit scent.


The moisturiser is thoroughly nourishing and suitable for all skin and age types (I am 26, and I gave some to my father, 65, to try as a guinea pig) Moisturisers work to minimise trans-epidermal water loss. This is important to maintain, especially in summer or when swimming a lot in chlorinated or salt water pools. I wrote an article the other day about the difference between moisturisers, serums and oils, and it occurred to me that I hadn't done a blog post on this!

Our skin is constantly losing water through evaporation and moisturisers essentially form a water-repelling layer (usually through the use of a fat or oil base) which helps conserve the intrinsic moisture levels of the skin.  There are the same beautiful botanical extracts as the cleanser (I love it when brands have this continuity in their formulations because it means if you like one product you're likely to like the others in the range as a set) In addition, there are some incredibly innovative, stand out ingredients. The moisturiser has the addition of PhytoCellTec™ a patented apple stem cell complex. Topical use of this complex has showed a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles when applied over 4 weeks in one study. I've featured plant stem cells before and I think they will be a big addition in future cosmetics and would love to see more clinical trials in the future.

Another perfect addition is Matrixyl® 3000, an updated peptide complex from the original Matrixyl complex. A patented complex, it is a combination of the most effective peptides which have several clinically documented anti ageing benefits on the skin. The mechanism is incredibly interesting, and its all due to the nature in which cells tend to respond to the environment or the presence of molecules in cell signalling pathways. Matrixyl 3000 mimics the appearance of broken down collagen (although there is no broken down collagen)  which in turn, causes the skin to respond by initiating further collagen synthesis, which could be highly regenerative.  At the right concentration, this complex can even double collagen production shown by researchers, leading researchers to even consider this complex for medical applications such as advancing wound repair. I absolutely adore this moisturiser because it has as many benefits as a hard working serum as appose to solely minimising water loss.


The BB cream gives the most instant dewy glow, people kept on remarking how well I looked when wearing this, and I love how light it feels and how it delivers multiple benefits to work to improve your skin while providing coverage with a redness neutralising tint (I am prone to rosacea and this neutralises it perfectly). The addition of SPF 20 to prevent premature skin ageing, and hyaluronic acid makes an ideal summer BB cream. Hyaluronic acid enhances the skin's ability to retain water, stay plump and supported and maintain the skin volume which is vital to youthful, gorgeous skin. 

I would love to know- have you tried any Ellora beauty products? Please feel free to use a 10% discount code  BEAUTYSCIENCEMAGIC on all products for readers :)


L.M xxx


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