Monday, 22 May 2017

Hello lovely readers! I was so lucky to get to try the incredible MZ range created by Dr Maryam Zamani a renowned consultant Oculoplastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor. I absolutely love the products I tried and even have "empties" which is rare for a blogger! The range consists of expertly devised cosmeceutical grade products with the most beautiful branding and luxe feel. I really feel Dr Maryam has got this right- and every time I use these products I can see very immediate results in glowing, bright skin. A stunning range that really works. 


The Cleanse and Clarify Dual action cleanser and mask is gorgeous- it has a rich luxe texture and uplifting peppermint scent. My skin feels so soft and refreshed afterwards. I have very sensitive skin that tends towards Rosacea and I have had no irritation at all making this the perfect go to daily skin boost. I love that left on for longer, it works as a mask- because our skin is dynamic, and its lovely to alternate between a quick cleanse and longer treatment.

 Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are naturally occuring acids such as glycolic acid or lactic acid which work by decreasing hyperkeratinisation (common to many skin disorders) and the cohesion between corneocytes. This essentially loosens the bonds that hold dry, dead skin cells on the surface, which gives rise to newer cell production belowwhile also boosting hyaluronic acid production. AHAs are therefore fantastic for skin ageing and rejuvenation, as well as for gentle chemical exfoliation, removing debris and pore clogging factors. It has been repeatedly shown that AHAs can increase collagen and Hyaluronic acid production- key factors in maintaining youthful skin. I have been using AHAs for a long time now, and I love how this formulation is so gentle and pampering as I have always struggled with cleansers irritating my skin. I have been told how glowing my skin is and this the cleanser is definitely boosting my skins radiance.

The MZ skin Soothe and Smooth Collagen activating complex eye cream is incredible. It is basically an all encompassing eye cream, and as a woman in my mid twenties, I am very aware that some of the first signs of ageing appear around the eyes. This formulation has been shown to decrease dark under eye circles by an amazing 57% after one month, as well as decreasing wrinkle depth. If anyone were going to put together a perfect eye cream- Dr Maryam has definitely done it. The tri-peptide complex is perfect at increasing collagen synthesis and is set to a nourishing Shea butter base is perfect at avoiding mineral oil and petroleum based compounds. (Which is often hard to avoid in a lot of skincare)

While ofcourse, as a beauty ingredient geek the addition of Albizia Bark extract was of particular interest to me and I love how Dr Maryam has added this- a perfect cosmeceutical formulation with amazing botanical additions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Albizia has several phytonutrients which are thought to help strengthen capillaries, boost circulation and reduce swelling. In terms of biochemistry a certain methanolic extract of Albizia bark demonstrated significant free radical neutralising potential. The compound jubriloside saponin from the bark demonstrates significant anti-tumour activity and functions as an anti-glycation molecule. As glycation is key to skin ageing and interfering with the collagen matrix this is a truely wonderful addition. 
Another fantastic addition is also the addition of Caryodendron Orinocense Nut Oil (Cacay oil) I was told about this oil a while ago, and I think this is a genius addition it is high in nourishing Linoleic acid and is higher than Argan oil in terms of vitamin E and vitamin A (Retinol Palmitate)  content. 

The perfect duo and I would highly recommend  the MZ range to all. Thank you so much ebwpr for these beautiful products! 

I would love to know, have you tried any products from MZ skin? 

L.M  xxx


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