Sophia's Choice- Organic health and beauty boutique & Live native review

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I discovered Sophia's choice online health and beauty boutique and instantly adored the range of all things organic and natural. 
All products are personally hand picked by the lovely owner, Charlie, and their ethos is fantastic; its all about nourishing ingredients and working with brands passionate about making organic products. They would never stock a product that they hadn't tried and believed to be highly effective. Each product also has an in depth, informative ingredient breakdown denoting all the ingredients, their uses and suitability. The site is fantastic to navigate from nutritional supplements to soy-wax candles and home ware.  Its a perfect way of discovering artisan brands such as Live Native,  (scroll down for review) as well as purchasing fantastic health supplements and smoothie accessories ( eg chia, wheatgrass, hemp) If I ran an online health and beauty boutique- I would want it to be exactly like Sophia's choice. 

I was also very kindly sent some amazing Live native scrub to try from Sophia's choice, Live Native is all about raw, organic, live botanicals, and eliminating synthetics to nourish the skin; the benefits include supplying your skin with an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids and enzymes. I adore this idea of " skin food" and this Live Native exfoliator is definitely providing your skin with fantastic nourishment and protection- all 100% organic and naturally derived. I sampled the Essential Earth exfoliating cleanser and I have never used anything like it.

The texture is earthy and smells like dates and oats. You mix with a little water to mix into a paste, and use a warm muslin cloth or cotton flannel to open pores, to ensure maximum penetration of the active ingredients. This left my skin beautifully soft, and I was amazed how without any soap my skin could be left so clean. My neighbour and a lady at a cafe this week said that my skin was glowing- so I think this scrub can take some credit for this! it is also, unlike some scrubs, gentle enough to use every day (I sometimes used this twice a day!) which is fantastic for me as I like a really smooth exfoliated surface before I put makeup on. I also am really a fan of this idea of using replenishing scrubs- scrubs that exfoliate but put something back on your skin simultaneously. 

The Science behind the beauty?

The ingredients in this scrub makes it a nutrient powerhouse; and offers an interesting remineralising quality. 
The exfoliating cleanser utilises the unique mineral composition in Absorptive Moroccan Rhassoul Clay to remove oil deep within the pores, and there is certainly some valid scientific research on the effectiveness of clay in acne and cellulite treatment. MSM, an ingredient that I have seen a lot recently, has been shown to be effective in allergies and rosacea  and many cite it as an incredible anti-inflammatory ingredient, due to it's rich concentration of sulphur.  The addition of Argan, a multi beneficial hydrator, Calendula and Coconut oils have been shown to benefit skin from a plethora of clinical parameters such as decreased erythema (redness), antibacterial benefits, and decreased sebum production. There is a lot to love about this scrub, and if you love your cosmetics as natural as can be, this is the one for you. 

5/5 Test tubes- An amazing, original scrub. The ingredients are fantastic, and I really feel like I am giving my skin benefits with every use

I hope you've enjoyed this post! What are your natural favourites? 


  1. Great review miss! Always wanted to try Live will make sure to pick the scrub too! x

    1. Thank you lovely!! Its amazing, definitely worth a try xx