Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hello lovely readers! November and December have been such busy months but I hope everyone is enjoying relaxing for Christmas hols. I was so excited to try this amazing EGF serum by Bioeffect very kindly sent to me from Philly Vass PR. I was incredibly intrigued by the Icelandic brand who use EGF technology to produce an incredibly hydrating and regenerative anti ageing serum. I absolutely loved this-it made my skin beautifully fresh and soft and I really noticed the difference in my complexion brightness.


I am lucky enough to try some very innovative formulations and ingredients: and this formulation is one of them. EGF or Epidermal Growth Factor is the main active ingredient of this serum along with the best ingredient for hydration: Sodium hyaluronate, which not only increases hydration by drawing water into the tissue but also is a fantastic carrier molecule for active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid production decreases every year with ageing and so sodium hyaluronate is a must have ingredient to incorporate into your anti-ageing routine in my opinion.

The EGF used is derived from a  transgenic barley oligopeptide and is an incredibly intriguing ingredient. The idea of using plant analogs (like molecular siblings of human molecules) is not a new one, and is growing in popularity with the use of plant derived stem cells in anti ageing products and their effectiveness detailed. The barley oligopeptide is an analog of the human epidermal growth factor (EGF) Epidermal growth factor is like a molecular activator, it makes our cells grow which in turn propagates rejuvenation and cell turnover.

 I have studied cell signalling pathways extensively so far in my academic career and EGF was always a topic of interest, the way it works is incredibly complex and works like a switch in cells to activate certain genes. It is a complex pathway involving lots of cellular proteins and receptors (if you want a more in depth explanation email me and I will try my best to explain)

Our genetics are dynamic, genes can be switched on and off and EGF is a key molecule in certain pathways. As cellular processes tend to slow down due to ageing, EGF works to initiate increased rejuvenation and Bioeffect also claim the serum boosts collagen and elastin synthesis; key to maintaining skin structure. I found some incredible studies over the last 20 years boasting the benefits of topical EGF for healing.Therapeutically, injections of transgenic EGF are given to dermatological conditions which have arisen from poor wound healing such as in diabetes to accelerate healing. 

This product really worked on my skin- and I would love to see some cosmeceutical trials with this product with before and after histological (tissue). As with many actives, like retinol, it is worth consulting a dermatologist before use if you have any skin condition such as psoriasis or pre-cancerous cells as EGF works biologically by increasing cell turnover and encouraging skin growth it is important to ensure only healthy skin cell turnover is encouraged. This is enterprising science which I find incredibly fascinating; many effective ingredients in aesthetic medicine and cosmeceuticals start off in therapeutic use before they are used more widely in everyday skincare and this may be the next example and one to follow.

An innovation and a pleasure to try- Thank you so much Bioeffect xxx


  1. ahh this looks gorgeous and tempting to try! xx

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