Thursday, 17 November 2016

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 I was so incredibly happy when the gorgeous Molly from Emmabwpr gave me some incredible Neostrata products to try, and after over a month of using them- I can say I am addicted. Neostrata are a leading cosmeceutical brand recommended by leading dermatologists and Aesthetic doctors. Cosmeceuticals are skincare products which are supported by clinical trials and in vitro and in vivo scientific testing and work on areas of skin concern such as ageing, acne, or hyperpigmentation.

 I trialed the Neostrata NAG+ Retinol complex and the Neostrata 10 AHA daily resurfacing pads. Firstly, the daily resurfacing AHA peels are incredible. After applying the fluid to the pads, you apply the pads to the face and exfoliate. After a few days my skin tightened and then there was a light peel. At this stage I applied anti-oxidant rich serums to assist the skin turnover. After a few days my skin was so silky and smooth. The really interesting quality I noticed is I felt like break out areas which would usually take a while to settle down, were gone within a day or two. Although I don't have extensive acne I know this system is recommended to those who are prone to acne or with excess sebum production. As I have normal oil production I use these in key areas and T zones weekly to bi-monthly depending on my hormones/stress levels and other personal acne triggers.

Also, after a month, my hyper pigmentation was massively reduced. I've noticed I am wearing significantly less foundation, and no concealer at all, as I feel my skin is more even and my skin looks brighter and more vibrant (which is so nice as my skin doesn't look as good in the Autumn/Winter months) 

    The Retinol serum has a luxurious texture, and I noticed over time areas of fine lines around the eye and forehead (the key ageing areas to target in the twenties and thirties) were definitely improved. In Aesthetic medicine, Retinol is one of the most well documented  ingredients for anti-ageing and reducing fine lines. 
(NB its best to avoid using AHAs and retinol together at the same time as this can cause sensitivity reactions, and both need daily high SPF use)

The amazing part of this Retinol serum is due the fact it is suitable for those with sensitive skin; which is a true innovation as retinol can sometimes be too harsh for some skin types If you want to transform your skin and start a highly effective anti-ageing routine that noticeably works; these products are for you. 



There's a reason why the Neostrata range is award winning and is the perfect at home peel, as there is no downtime and are so highly effective at resurfacing the skin and working on multiple skin complaints simultaneously. AHAS or Alpha-hydroxy-acids such as Glycolic acid are naturally derived acids, usually from the fermentation of sugar cane or certain fruits and they have some transformative effects on the skin. AHAS work by dissolving cohesion  between old keratinised skin cells, thus assisting cell turnover; and are a must have addition to anyone who wants to gently resurface their skin.

This AHA system improves the appearance of hyper-pigmentation from sun damage or acne scarring,  fine lines and uneven skin texture. I have a few areas of hyper-pigmentation; I have very pale skin which makes hyper pigmentation more noticeable and noticed the daily peels completely resurfaced and evened out my complexion. 

The most  amazing quality of this formulation is the addition of their patented Aminofil; this increases both hyaluronic acid and collagen production which helps to restore the intrinsic skin matrix and structural support of the skin. I love how Neostrata have formulated a peel that not only refines and resurfaces, but also restores. An amazing example of a beautifully devised and formulated cosmeceutical. 


Retinol in my opinion is one of the best ingredients to incorporate into your anti-ageing routine.
The NAG + Retinol Serum has some very impressive in vitro clinical trials and in vivo evidence supporting the synergistic benefits of this formulation. Researchers put keratinocytes (skin cells) for 24 hours in three conditions; in Retinol, in NAG and in NAG and Retinol. Hyaluronic acid was significantly increased in the third condition; showing a Retinol and NAG complex to be instrumental in boosting hyaluronic acid production in as little as just 24 hours.

As hyaluronic acid production decreases every year due to ageing and contributes to retaining moisture and structure of the skin this is the perfect anti ageing addition to keep skin plump and full of volume as well as maintaining hydration. The 2.5% Retinol encapsulate delivers 0.5% Retinol and because of this, it is highly tolerable and reduces blemishes and hyper-pigmentation. The  amazing NAG complex containing Glucosamine has been shown in clinical trials to boost hyaluronic acid production, increase hydration, accelerate healing and reduce hyperpigmentation via inhibition of melanin. These combined ingredients establishes the Neostrata Retinol + NAG complex as a powerful anti-ageing system. The formulation is also paraben, fragrance and oil free. 

Absolutely outstanding cosmeceutical formulations from Neostrata and I am so thankful to have tried these!

Have you tried any Neostrata products? I  would love to know your thoughts

LM xxx

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