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I was lucky enough to first interview the lovely Dr Vidhi Patel last year for The Aesthetics Journal on Holistic approaches to skin treatments and we instantly got on so well and had so much to talk about! I couldn't wait to interview Vidhi again so I went to her Mayfair based clinic at Minerva Labs to talk about Vidhi's incredible approaches and every day recommendations for those wishing to improve their  health.

Vidhi has an extensive career in Nutrition and well being after completing her Homeopathic medical degree in India, and has featured in Vogue Italia, as well as working as a consultant for Minerva Labs (Gold Collagen supplement HQ) and Organic Pharmacy. Vidhi's energy is so positive, and incredibly motivating- if anyone can get a chance to consult Vidhi as their Nutritionist- I couldn't recommend a better person. 

LM: I would love to know more about your Nutrition practice

VP: I see people when they have any health concerns at all; Just imagine, someone going to their GP, and they may have vague symptoms, aches and pain which might not have manifested as a disease yet; they may get bloated or acne, or irregular cycles. There are so many symptoms that we now just get used to living with. You just run with the time- so what happens is we ignore these small signs- and these are called signs of toxicity. It means if the body is going through a crisis, it will try to speak for itself. These are symptoms that you might not necessarily see your GP about, until it becomes too big a problem.

I help people through looking at these symptoms and find out, through the technology here, if their condition is going to be something to worry about. If I find something more that a symptom of toxicity or a lifestyle/ stress induced change, I will try to treat it, and if I find it is beyond the reach of the holistic approach it needs to be addressed through a GP, e.g hypothyroidism symptoms need investigating through blood tests. Not everyone is going to undergo my treatment from day 1, sometimes I say people don't need this- everyone just needs to know their body. 



VP: What we tend to do is take a multivitamin, and think psychologically, for those ten vitamins that are in the supplement, we are sorted. That is not quite the case, I always promote practical healthy living and not something that is too fancy or too expensive to follow- you have to find what exactly your body needs and just give that. Always rest, and practice simple lifestyle modifications like having a glass of lemon water in the morning first thing to make the body alkaline. Having a cup of coffee on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and running on stimulants is not the best- you will biologically accelerate your metabolism and ageing to make a 40 year old's body equivalent to that of a 60 year old individual. This is your body running on the adrenals, and some people may complain of adrenal fatigue and also chronic fatigue syndrome. They will crash lower than their start point of energy levels after the effect of  caffeine is over. Caffeine is not bad if its controlled- but have coffee as you like, not as you need. 


My skincare routine always begins with carrot butter, I massage my face with this and while it is still on, I use a hot muslin cloth, and then I will pat my face. This is a deep cleanse, like oil pulling without drying the face. This can be done even with people who have oily skin. The most important part of the process is a hot towel, or muslin, to work to clean the skin, and it will not cause clogged pores. Then follow by a splash of cold water. For a toner, I use herbal toner from The Organic Pharmacy which is a blend of herbs and a base of aloe vera.

I try to use a serum which is activated with Vitamin C or fruit acids, Frankincense and diluted lavender used at nighttime which is a time for repair and I never use products with parabens. Organic walnut oil and almond oil I also use. Sometimes I mix a little fresh lemon juice with manuka honey (or agave for vegans) and that is my serum. Make fresh to avoid oxidation, the citrus acids and the sugar combination both soften the skin.


V.P: The first thing I would recommend is have a big outlook on drinking water; its very easy to forget. If your body shows any signs of dryness such as dry lips, dry eyes, dry palms- you have already lost the battle and dehydrated yourself; so you have to drink water, even when you are not  thirsty. Its important to sip water, just as a habit, a habit to cultivate. In the morning, avoid coffee or cigarettes-any stimulants on an empty stomach. Your body has already produced a lot of acid, and if you pour in some stimulant which is also acidic like coffee or tea are, they will increase the acidic medium of the body which is not good and may end up giving you lifestyle disorders in the future. Instead; have a smoothie, juice or water

The third most important thing is find time to exercise, if you are dedicated to thirty minutes a day- and shopping doesn't involve exercise because you end up having a muffin on the way home because you're so tired- You have to find time to move the body, on a cross trainer, or bike or walking your dog if you have one. Taking long walks in parks and scheduling this into your daily routine is very beneficial. Its all about what suits us and doing it every day. 

You feel activated, and charged up- like charging your laptop. I always give the analogy of I phone batteries- their batteries go flat so you have to charge them every day- we are the same; like high maintenance iphones that need to be recharged daily. We don't even have time to replenish the needs of our body, and it is an absolute must to recharge daily. You can do this very first thing in the morning or at the end of the day if you struggle to fit it into your routine.

The next ritual is to look at what you are putting in your body, how and when. Avoid eating when you are really hungry or waiting until you are really hungry to eat. People stay hungry for too long, and they will put anything in the body and easy comfort food comes into the body far too easily. Always know your body, and plan your meals, so even if it is a takeaway, or a meal from home- it needs thought. Don't restrict yourself with strict lunch breaks and schedules- listen to the body and eat the right food at the right time, because everyone has a different right time. 


          In terms of foods and meals; what you will always find in my fridge is tofu, lemon, ginger and some sort of greens. This is so I can always easily make a meal such as grilled tofu, or a tofu stir fry. Chickpeas are also a favourite, and I will have these once or twice a week as well as kidney beans and a lot of vegetables such as soups. I make homemade Indian bread with no yeast or wheat preservatives-easy and filling. Wheat products are too polished- all the good qualities have been taken out, I always find the combination of the three white foods; salt, sugar and white flour are hazardous I would recommend to never have all of these three together. Simple every day swaps like these and you don't need to go on a rigorous detox.


VP: For hormonal acne, there are a lot of permutations and combinations in the body; for example,  is it high oestrogen, low progesterone or a combination, or is it around the time of the menopause, pregnancy or post pregnancy- all of this has to be assessed.

 (I asked Dr Vidhi about a friend who is peri-menopausal has hormonal acne around the lower half of the face) VP: For your friend, she may benefit from herbs such as Saw palmetto (10 drops in half a glass of water at the end of the day) and Agnus Castus (10 drops in half a glass of water at the beginning of the day) With herbs I recommend liquids, because they are more effective, easy to take, and bioavailable in terms of absorption and there are less binding agents. 

With hormones, I can definitely suggest some good herbs and before you start any herbal routine you should consult a Herbalist or a Nutritionist who knows how to deal with hormones- a specialist in this area and managing hormones- it is a huge responsibility. It is a process and at the end of each month, you can work out if your treatment is working or not. 


I really hope you've enjoyed this post, You can find more about Vidhi on her website and also information on Gold collagen here. I was also lucky enough to review The Gold collagen Hydrogel acid masks review to follow!

LM xxx

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