Hello lovely readers,

Thank you so much for taking the time to engage with my blog :) I started this blog with the hope of bringing scientific journals, Dermatology and Nutrition to the public. Hopefully the blog will help recommend ingredients and promote good products that actually work and make you look great and be healthier. I feel its so incredibly important to be armed with relevant information when making beauty and lifestyle choices.

I am a Neuroscientist, Clinical Nutritionist and lifelong learner and I am obsessed with reading about the latest beauty and health breakthroughs. I believe in the holistic and scientific approach to health and beauty and I really hope this blog helps you :) 

I would love to hear any suggestions, feedback or questions; feel free to email me at beautysciencemagic@gmail.com. If you would like me to review your product, or are interested in being interviewed on the blog; please feel free to send me an email too :) I am currently based in Hove, Sussex and London, UK.

Charlotte Maria 


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  1. Lottie Maria, You sound like my kind of Gal. Looking forward to future posts.

    Miss Katie Lyn

    Beauty and the Beaker