Chocolate for Beauty: The Science behind nutraceutical innovation Esthechoc

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

I was so lucky to be invited to an amazing event at the Debbie Thomas Clinic in Chelsea with Esthechoc for a chocolate and wine night (!) from the gorgeous Molly from Ebwpr. I learnt about the science behind this innovation- a daily chocolate that is a Nutraceutical and is beneficial for health and your skin- I love science. Esthechoc is vegan, and absolutely delicious- in fact, it tastes better than even the nicest dark chocolate I've eaten.


After ten years of research in development by The Cambridge Chocolate Technology (A research group I would very much like to work in) Esthechoc was made. Esthechoc works as an anti-ageing Nutraceutical by providing a high concentration of both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds; Astaxanthin and polyphenolic epicatechins. This is so beautifully devised, that researchers have not only aimed at the antioxidant basis of an anti-ageing product, but also incorporated in my opinion, one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients. As inflammation is is also a contributor to many skin disorders aetiologies  this is interesting, as it means Esthechoc could be beneficial to many conditions.

Polyphenolic epicathechins are the fantastic antioxidants to incorporate into the diet. They have among the highest ORAC values and are found in cocao and green tea and work by neutralising free radicals. Free radicals are irreversibly deleterious to the collagen matrix via cross linking and generation of AGES (Advance Glycation End products)which is why topical antioxidant complexes and a rich source of antioxidants in the diet can be some of the best ways to protect the skin. 

 Astaxanthin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which has shown, when applied topically, to stimulate increased fibroblast activity which in turn boosts collagen and elastin formation. The research is so incredibly impressive from Esthechoc, and what I love is the skin bio marker results; its often hard to see real, skin marker results in real individuals  and the results show how the Esthechoc supplement in as little as 7.5 grams per day can offer benefits in just 4 weeks.  The skin biomarker results were substantial; With ageing skin, there is often diminished or compromised circulation. Esthechoc showed a substantial improvement of oxygen concentration in both blood plasma and in tissues, showing potentially a beneficial systemic effect.  In terms of Dermatology, an improved circulation provides the skin with nutrients and oxygen for healthy skin cell metabolism,which in turn improves complexion appearance and assists repair processes.

Specifically, Esthechoc was shown to increase oxygen saturation of tissue by 59% and improve oxygen transport in the plasma by 85%. These are truely incredible results, and show the success of ten years of research and innovation. In addition, Esthechoc also reduces oxidative damage in inflammatory conditions upto a significant 72%. These factors all improve the metabolic condition of the skin, and the hallmarks of ageing; often due to inflammation and decreased metabolism, may be improved with Esthechoc. An amazing innovation, and shows the future of nutraceuticals- making delicious supplements with aesthetic and health benefits and robust clinical development and trials behind them. 

A must have for any beauty routine in the New year. 

Thank you so much Esthechoc




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