Fillerina Lip Volume hyaluronic acid lip plumper Review

Monday, 10 July 2017

I have been a big fan of Fillerina products and is my go to recommendation when friends ask me which hyaluronic acid gel product is best. I was so happy when the gorgeous Molly from Ebwpr gave me the New lip volume product to try. I definitely noticed a difference, there is an instant plumping effect without the painful tingling in other products which use stimulating compounds to increase blood flow to the lips. I often struggle with dry, cracked lips, especially with weather changes such as it being very hot, and since using this, I have had no dry lips what so ever! 

The applicator is a roller ball and very easy to apply directly on the lips. I love this because hyaluronic acid gel is the master hydrator- there is no better ingredient to hydrate and plump by drawing water in to the tissue. Lip balms can mask the problem by coating the lips and preventing  water loss to some extent, but hyaluronic acid is a great carrier molecule, meaning it can penetrate into the skin and work as an active ingredient to improve skin moisture levels.


Hyaluronic acid is an incredibly versatile and useful molecule in beauty and works by increasing hydration and therefore volume, boosting collagen production and as a carrier molecule for other active ingredients. Loss of hyaluronic acid as we age is a key contributor in the decrease of skin volume, plumpness and hydration. 

In the aesthetic world, hyaluronic acid gel based injectable fillers are the go to ingredient as the body naturally breaks down HA over time and it is low allergy. However if you don't like needles, Fillerina topical Lip volume is in my opinion the best topical alternative for boosting lip volume and I use this product religiously day and night.

 The biophysical properties of HA make it a vital beauty molecule: it is an intrinsically  "water loving" molecule and draws water in from its surroundings, which is key to retaining moisture in our skin. I read that hyaluronic acid can hold up to 10,000 times its molecular weight in water. Fillerina works by replenishing  hyaluronic acid deep in to the dermis on topical application so the skin draws in more water; replenishing lost volume, increasing hydration without injections. Similarly, an important study has shown hyaluronic acid to increase collagen production; another fantastic way in which HA is intrinsically linked to healthy skin physiology. 

The formulation of Fillerina is absolutely genius; Labo (the luxe dermo-cosmetic manufacturer of Fillerina) have used 6 different densities and cross-linked forms of Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate is the form in many high end anti ageing creams/cosmeceuticals) meaning you are getting the best, most intensive hyaluronic acid treatment available on the market. I couldn't think if a better formulation for a lip plumper for boosting volume and for smooth, soft lips- and would recommend to all. Thank you so much Fillerina for another stand out cosmeceutical product.


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