Jason Natural sun care review

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I was thrilled to receive these Jason suncare products as I'd been very curious about mineral sun care and its effectiveness. This cream does not disappoint, it offers fantastic protection, and 80 minutes of waterproof wear ( before you have to reapply ), which is great for me as I love swimming in the sea! ( apart from the time I stood on a weaver fish) My skin is also particularly sensitive in the sun so its fabulous to know I am going as natural as can be with my sun care. 

 Due to the mineral nature, it takes a little longer to soak in, and is a thick, but otherwise fantastic and worth the extra soaking in time. For the after sun, Aloe vera in my opinion is the best ingredient you could be putting on your skin, and the high aloe vera content is instantly soothing.

The Science behind the Beauty?

The active minerals in the mineral sun cream such as Zinc oxide and  Titanium dioxide form the basis of the SPF. Although this sounds artificial, titanium dioxide is an oxide of a natural mineral and research has shown that it won't penetrate deep into the skin and will remain on the surface- which is exactly their intended purpose to refract light without being absorbed. There are no petrolatums, parabens, SLS, artificial colours or phthalates, so ideal for sensitive or temperamental skin prone to breakouts.  There is also a greater degree of photostability, which means the active mineral ingredients  degrade less on the skin and remain active. Jason mineral suncream also has natural botanical oils which moisturise as you wear which is great news for me as sun cream usually equals dry itchy skin. 
The great moisturising basis of the cream is due to the trio of fantastic natural moisturisers;  jojoba, shea and grapeseed. It also has the addition of chamomile and calendula, which has been shown to be protective against UVB associated oxidative stress.  The aloe vera gel has the addition of aloe vera leaf juice is a powerful natural ingredient, and  has been shown in clinical trials to be extremely effective for  treatment of radiation burns, as well as anti microbial in studies  and very useful for the treatment of psoriasis.

Moisturising, natural suncream set in some lovely natural moisturisers with calming botanical extracts. This is perfect for sensitive skin prone to itching after the sun.

 I thought I would leave you with this pic from my hometown Brighton to show you a bit of my summer!

Have you tried mineral sun cream and what were your thoughts?