Friday, 23 September 2016

I was so lucky to recieve the incredible Fillerina from the lovely Emma at ebwpr. I couldn't wait to trial the product's 14 day system, and look into the science behind this swiss patented, Italian made formulation (you know its really, really good when a product has a swiss patent and is also made in Italy!)

Fillerina is a 14 day topical hyaluronic acid (HA) treatment, with targeted precision applicators that you can draw up through the applicator in 1ml intervals to target specific lines, wrinkles, or areas that need a volume boost i.e. cheeks and lips where volume decreases with age.  (You can watch the demonstration video here)  The way the product is formulated uses different structural forms/densities of HA, meaning that the topical application is absorbed deep into the layers of the skin; with each different density targeting a different aesthetic outcome.

Some forms of hyaluronic acid are commonly used as carrier molecules to make other skincare ingredients penetrate the skin tissue, and I know the Fillerina system definitely had a near immediate effect on my skin. I noticed a tightening, moisturising effect after around ten minutes, and then during the trial (by about a week in) my skin looked healthier, dewy, and several people even remarked that my complexion looked really healthy and glowing ( this made me very happy)

The nourishing film which is applied after the Hyaluronic acid topical filler has a gorgeous mix of skin nourishing ingredients such as skin nourishing shea butter, and rejuvenating salicylic acid, and I felt like my skin was having a nourishing treat; not dissimilar to a treatment mask. I personally prefer using this at night, as I love the excitement of waking up and seeing fresher skin, and I feel this gives the formulation maximum time to benefit the skin.

Fillerina is everything you want in an at home anti-ageing treatment: a patented technology and formulation with beautiful high end ingredients. It is highly innovative, and a really exciting system to try. I especially targeted fine lines, cheeks, and my lips. Fillerina has helped my skin in a variety of ways; its completely softened fine lines, (mainly expression lines)  boosted hydration, and even the volume of my lips!  My skin in general feels rejuvenated and more youthful, and any dry skin that was there before has disappeared.       

    The system comes in 3 different Grades, where Grade 1 is formulated for light lines and wrinkles (earliest signs of skin ageing) Grade 2 which is slightly more noticeable lines, and Grade 3 is for deeper ageing and more substantial loss of facial volume. I used Grade 2, which was perfect for my skin, ( I am in my twenties, with a few fine lines but sometimes dry and sensitive skin, for  a point of reference about which grade to potentially use) You're recommended to drink two glasses of water before the treatment, as hyaluronic acid works by drawing water into tissues, so optimal hydration is paramount for plump dewy skin.


Fillerina works by utilising the innovation of Hyaluronic acid at different densities. I've been writing a lot in the aesthetic medicine field recently and have learnt about the key changes that take place in the ageing process; typically our skin can lose its plumpness, radiance and volume from certain key areas such as cheeks, the jawline, and lips. Loss of hyaluronic acid as we age is a key contributor in the decrease of skin volume, plumpness and hydration.  The biophysical properties of HA make it a vital beauty molecule: it is an intrinsically hydrophilic "water loving" molecule and draws water in from its surroundings, which is key to retaining moisture in our skin. 

 Fillerina works by replenishing  hyaluronic acid deep in to the dermal layers on application so the skin draws in more water; replenishing lost volume, increasing hydration and helping fill  lines and wrinkles. This is also therefore a fantastic system for improving dull or dry skin. Similarly, an important study has shown hyaluronic acid to increase collagen production, another fantastic way in which HA is intrinsically linked to healthy skin physiology. 

The formulation of Fillerina is absolutely genius; Labo (the luxe dermo-cosmetic manufacturer of Fillerina) have used several different densities and cross-linked forms of Hyaluronic acid, from Hyaluronic acid 1K Da, to sodium hyaluronate 2000K Da. (sodium hyaluronate is the form in many high end anti ageing creams/cosmeceuticals) The beauty of this formulation is that different densities target different areas and skin rejuvenating purposes; one density may be great for hydration, while one may be better for boosting volume. It is fantastic that Labo have formulated Fillerina this way; you are utilising the full power of hyaluronic acid topically and Fillerina has even shown a visibly measurable lifting effect (which has even been clinically proven)

Fillerina is beautifully formulated, and I would recommend to anyone who wants to boost their skin- for hydration, a dewy glow and plumper cheeks and lips.  

I really hope you've enjoyed this post- I would love to know, have you used Fillerina?  

Fillerina also sent me an amazing promotion for readers who can receive 20% off for a 14 day kit :)

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