Review: Organic Skin Food

Thursday, 6 March 2014

When a facebook friend came up on my newsfeed with the most glowing skin. I of course, stopped youtubing Pomeranian puppies immediately and asked what she had done to have achieve such blessed skin.  It  surprised me that her go to product was the ever enigmatic; Raw, Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil . She cited it, as her go to serum, choosing to slather it on under her Dr. Organic moisturiser. I had heard mystic and magical things about coconut oil but didn't think know if it would coat my skin or nourish it.

So, I went to my local whole foods and found a shea butter and coconut oil body butter and also found some Raw coconut oil used for cooking (usually as a vegan substitute for butter)  here is what I thought:

Not only does this smell like coconut/chocolate/vanilla/sugar/childhood nostalgia this is quite simply, skin food. With shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and Vitamin E, there is a bounty of cellular nourishment. The fatty acid and vitamin E lovingly quenched my skin, although, requires a few minutes to absorb as they are non- comedogenic and thus large molecules. The fatty acids of course preserves moisture, while ofcourse conditioning and softening. The vitamin E provides a powerful antioxidant for new skin regeneration, and prevention of oxidative stress of current skin cells. (Major cause of ageing)
I also found another delicious flavour on amazon which is next on my wish list!Organic Essence Pure Organics Organic Vanilla Orange Shea Cream, Vanilla Orange 4 Oz  

This is my stand out product of the year so far, so I give it 5/5 test tubes, for unadulterated skin nourishment. 

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 500ml This worked beautifully on my body, but I avoided my face as my skin is sensitive. It totally expelled any dry skin and left a healthy sheen. I would recommend putting this on at night, as it is an intensive condition. It is perfect because you are literally marinating yourself. As well as trapping moisture (the way emollients work) You are providing all the fatty lipid goodness for new skin cell production. Its literally the science equivalent of swaddling them in a cosy nutrient coat. 

The Science behind the Beauty?

Coconut oil and olive oil have been shown to be very effective in Atopic dermatitis, (dry itchy skin) due to their antibacterial and emmolient effects, and the study even expressed how virgin coconut oil is the most effective in preventing inflammation associated with bacteria colonisation of  Staphylococcus aureus (a frequent culprit that often colonises dry, vulnerable skin.)

5/5 test tube rating! 

The day after just one application, my skin is beautifully soft and conditioned and I know I have only used natural emollient power. My boyfriend also remarked that I smelt like a bounty chocolate bar; and smelling edible to your boyfriend can only be a good thing.