Made With Love review

Sunday, 1 June 2014

 I discovered Made with Love products after going to my local farmers market. I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous products and had a lovely conversation with the founder, Leigh-ann, about ingredients in products and how when she was pregnant she wanted to create naturally derived products which were amazing and effective. She very kindly gave me some amazing products to review which were frankly, some of the best bath and shower products I've ever used! they are 100% natural and vegan ( apart from her chocolate based products) and smell divine! What more could I want? Made with Love also do some amazing beard oil products- so perfect gifts if your partner is a beard enthusiast!

Vanilla and almond body scrub

I used this all over my body, and it literally smells like vanilla cupcakes, it was even gentle enough to use on my face and had fantastic 3 in 1 properties; Firstly, it works fantastically as an exfolient, secondly it moisturises as it exfoliates, and thirdly, it works as a bath oil/ emollient for even the parts of your body you didn't scrub as the oil dissolves in the bath. It just shows that with just a few carefully selected ingredients you can really nurture your skin. ( n.b contains almonds so don't use if you have a nut allergy). Anyone who knows me knows I am a total vanilla addict and regularly cover myself with a vanilla/vanilla based perfume ( so much so that I have had children ask me why I smell like cakes). My absolute dream scrub!

Cocoa Luxury Massage bar 

This is analogous to some of the lush massage bars. Gorgeous natural cocoa butter oils, and was a perfect excuse to get my boyfriend to give me a massage so I could test this product out! A definite must if you work out a lot and need a lovely massage at home! 

Dry Leg oil

I used this with the scrub, and my legs were left so silky! It is long lasting, and left my legs with a healthy sheen without being oily or greasy. I have always had a problem with my left calve muscle hurting, the combination of the scrub and a rub with this oil left my leg pain free and soothed my muscles, so a perfect circulation booster as a bonus. This is going to be my go to leg routine for summer without a doubt. 

The Science behind the beauty? 

Made with Love uses 100% natural ingredients, the dry leg oil  for example, contains Sweet almond oil as a base, which has been shown to be fabulous for reducing scar tissue and eczema , while vitamin E has an inherent role in healthy skin as well as antioxidant properties. The addition of jojoba oil has been shown to assist collagen synthesis and assist wound healing, extremely visibly in histological pictures. The ingredients are fantastic, and make the perfect body buffing routine for me, I would recommend this beautiful natural range to anyone.

5/5 test tubes- Perfect pamper treats for summer ready skin 

Whats your summer body prepping favourites? 


  1. That almond and vanilla scrub looks and sounds divine! I love discovering organic products like these :) x

    1. It is probably my favourite scrub!! So lovely to know you're exfoliating and moisturising at the same time xx

  2. sounds yummy and looks good!


  3. How awesome to find great products where you least expect them! Great post ")

    1. Awww thankyou hun! I know! I wasn't expecting to go in to the market looking for some veggies and come out discovering such lovely products! xo

  4. Looking really nice! I would love to try this brand! x

  5. Wow what an incredible find from a Farmer's Market!!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr