Unique Naturals Serum Review

Friday, 13 June 2014


I was just coming to the end of  a stressful month of exams so you can imagine my joy when I came home to a gorgeous delivery from Unique Naturals.
 I put on a bath, exfoliated and tried these beautiful serums and had a mini pamper day. I have always been a huge serum fan, and these serums are just divine and definitely make it on to my list of favourite serums.  With a unique mix of 100% organic seed oils and plant oils,  no parabens, or synthetics;  they make you feel so pampered and leave your skin incredibly dewy.

 Even though the serums are an oil, they make a fantastic moisturising base for makeup.  My skin looks radiant, and is left with the most luminescent  healthy sheen. I recently had an aromatherapy facial, which was one of the most pampering things I've ever done,and I can safely say that this tantamount to having a mini aromatherapy facial every day- you walk out of the house feeling pampered and I feel routines like this can set you up for the day. ( I am big on my morning routines and feel slightly out of sync if I don't have one) 

I also love the fact this gift set comes with the three types of serum, because I can find my skin can fluctuate if its been a particularly stressful time ( such as spending 12 hours a day at a library in my case) so it's amazing to know you have a serum for each skin need. 
The box came in such a gorgeous packaging, and I would totally recommend this as a gift- even to yourself! The price, as well is worth mentioning, at £23.50 it is fantastic value; the high concentration of 100% organic oils and the sheer variety is definitely fantastic value for money. This is the perfect serum collection. 

The science behind the beauty? 

I could honestly spend all day writing about the ingredients as the plethora of organic, naturally derived oils is outstanding. They are all intricately blended to tailor to your skincare needs

The elixir of youth serum

 Argan oil is rich in sterols, polyphenols and EFAs, which are all incredibly important for skin protection against free radical damage. If that isnt enough, it is also blended with 8 other antioxidant and EFA rich oils; with the addition of Co enzyme q10 and vitamin E.

The Balance serum

 Administration of safflower oil has been shown to rescue EFA deficiencies just by cutaneous application, proving its powerful protective and  moisturising effect.  Lavender oil has been shown to inhibit inflammatory or allergic responses, which makes it a great addition to a balancing skin care range. An incredibly interesting study found that the application of fragrances including lavender reduced sebum production a significant amount; ( related to my field of neuroscience) due to a link between a pre-frontal cortex stress response and sebum production- This could imply a fantastic benefit of having a sensual  serum in your routine.  

The Nurture serum;

Supplementation of flax seed oil  has been shown to provide powerful EFAs, and a dietary source increased hydration, decreased reddening, dryness and roughening of the skin. Topical use could therefore only benefit the skin, while flavones from chamomile have been shown to have the ability to penetrate deep into skin layers and produce a potent antiphlogistic ( anti-inflammatory) effect.  

These serums are so well formulated and derived and left my skin so looked after and radiant. A must have and a perfect every day pamper gift.

5/5- fantastic formulations for every skin type, with beautiful organic ingredients. 

Have you tried any natural oil serums? 

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