My Study Essentials

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I thought I would reflect on my studying essentials, and offer my study tips to those still taking exams or currently studying.
For me its completely about making it a good experience;
eating amazing food and keeping your energy and spirits up and not letting yourself burn out! Here are some of my favourite study and beauty items. 

   1.  Fresh flowers on your desk

This sounds extravagant, but if you take some clippings from your garden it should do the job! I personally find this very uplifting and I also try to position my desk near a window with lots of natural light if I'm studying at home.

2. Your favourite beauty samples

These are perfect for late night library sessions where you need a little refresh. I am the cheeky person that always asks for samples when I buy something and keep them in my wallet for impromptu moisturising ( but don't look so good when I accidentally try and pay for things with moisturiser samples). 

3. A hard-working skin serum 

I am adoring my Unique Natural Organic serums at the moment- I used them religiously during my last leg of exams and they prevented any last minute-meltdowns/stress related break outs. 

4.  A go-to Power smoothie 

This amazing Vegan chocolate, almond and banana protein shake is the ultimate breakfast. I used to be so reliant on junk food for studying, it is a cliche but healthy, sustained sugar is so much better for my concentration than what I used to eat.  Recipe to follow! 

5. Scented Candles  

 Lighting a scented candle on your desk is such a lovely thing to do for yourself, just beware of any scented candle and text book related accidents. That would definitely not be the height of relaxation. There are so many vegan candles on the market too. 

6.  A refreshing facial spritz 

The Avène refreshing facial mist is such a versatile little product when you're feeling a bit drab; this is the perfect pick me up and rescue any study related hot and bothered moment.

7.   An essential oil roll on/hand cream/body lotion 

I adore this gorgeous Neal's yard Remedies to roll; This is the relaxation blend but Neal's Yard Remedies sell other organic essential oil formulations such as " study " and " travel". I love this because it smells divine and does actually relax me. I have had friends go out and buy it they have been so impressed! 

Do you have any study tips? 


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