Dr Organic Vitamin E oil

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My friend at a top Beauty PR firm told me that the next beauty trend would be, following hair oils, skin oils. It makes sense, as oils, specifically derived from seed oils, are nutrient dense. With over 50 years of experimental evidence; vitamin E or tocopherol has been shown to have both topical ( applied to the skin, and oral) photoprotective properties. A substantial study on atopic dermatitis found less pruritus (itching), facial erythema, (redness) and it was generally reported that patients found themselves with more "normal" skin by the end of the study. With this in mind, I was eager to try the Dr Organic oil.

With a plethora of naturally derived organic oils, this serum is great value for such a condensed, intensive treatment. Applied at night, once or twice a week makes the perfect skin quencher. It smoothes fine line around the eyes, and injects vitality. I would recommend a biweekly treatment- as you would with an intensive hair conditioner. 
Due to the fat soluble nature of vitamin E, it should be readily absorbed into your skin. Its worth mentioning that I do have normal skin that needs a pick me up in the cold English weather, so perhaps with oily skin, frequency of use could be different. A great, bio-active product once again from Dr Organic. 

5/5 test tube rating- I can't fault this product! 


  1. I love Dr Organic, I used to use their tea tree face wash for a very long time and loved it!

    1. Hey Lilia, I bet that was super refreshing! I may invest for a nice refreshing summer face wash xx

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