Manomai Skincare Review

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I was so excited when I received this gorgeous Manomai serum . After commenting on a post on the lovely strikeapose blog I was emailed by Mary saying I had won the serum to try! 
The serum, works around the concept that different blood types require different treatment, and the founders  of Manomai were inspired by the blood type diet. I received this in a gorgeous box, with a lovely little note, and accompanying booklet about the product.

The Science Behind the Beauty? 

 The largest and most recent study of the diet (January, 2014)  I could find (with a population size of 1,455) found some promising results such as weight and blood pressure lowered on 3/4 diets after one month of the relevant plan.  After looking at the recommended diets, what I can conclude is they all promote green and clean diets, conscious eating and nourishing your body. A philosophy that I believe in!  Manomai extends this premise to nourishing your skin and detoxifying it, and I can't fault the natural, green ingredients: 

Organic Argan Oil, Shea butter, Cherry Extract, Guava leaf extract, Jojoba oil, Willow bark extract, Edelweiss Extract, Algae extract, Co Enzyme q10 and vitamin E. 

This plethora of ingredients is fantastic, to get all these natural extracts in one serum is rare. The magical mix of argan, shea butter and jojoba couldn't be more proficient at holding moisture in. Natural extracts such as Guava, have been shown to be high in antioxidants, and thus protecting against free radicals. Edelweiss is an interesting extract, which has been shown to be anti-inflammatory. The addition of Co Enzyme q10 cited as a "cutaneous antioxidant and energiser" prevents collagen breakdrown and photoageing.  All together there are a lot of lovely ingredients which will definitely look after your skin!

The serum left my skin extremely soft, and my complexion is nice and clear. The consistency is quite thin, which is perfect for summer as you don't want a thick layer on the skin. A gorgeous, well devised and nourishing product overall.  Thankyou very much Manomai xo

5/5 Test tube rating- The ingredients are fantastic and left my skin extremely soft.


  1. Super serum! I have never heard of it ...looking really interesting! x

    1. it leaves skin so smooth!! I would definitely recommend xx