Live Native Oleo- Active moisturiser and Essential Beauty Serum Review

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I first discovered Live Native from the wonderful Sophia's Choice Boutique a few months ago and I was instantly hooked. Live Native, in my opinion, is indubitably one of the forerunners in producing skincare with incredibly unique and effective raw, organic formulations, reflected in its bounty of skincare awards across the board. I am so happy to have sampled some of their newest launches. 
Each product is like something I have never tried before, and a must try for those wishing to try something new and exciting within their skincare routine. The ingredients are so well devised and extensive you know you are giving your skin a dose of powerful nutrients with every application.   I believe it's always good to shift up your skincare routine when the weather changes, so these beautiful nourishing products sent to me from Live Native are absolutely perfect for my Autumn change up. 
The Oleo active moisturiser is just perfection. It also promises four season protection, which is fantastic to know as I tend to find some moisturisers are okay for summer but not for winter, so I look forward to trying it throughout the year. 
Firstly, there is something magical about the scent. It is reminiscent of wooden lodges/ fir woods/ dense forests/ tree resin and I absolutely love scents that are transformative and take you somewhere. This is probably the most autumnal scent I can imagine. If you like your  woody, earthy, and oriental scents  (ie sandalwood/ frankincense) you will adore this.The moisturiser itself, is a beautiful velvety balm. I kept it in the fridge as it melts easily (as most natural moisturisers do) and it melts into the skin flawlessly. It works fantastically under makeup, and really lifts the complexion and my favourite dewy healthy radiant look was perfectly achieved. The serum, is like liquid gold, its an amazing rich amber colour and smells divine.  I had a cold for a few days and was looking a little drab, and this instantly picked my skin up, it has a gorgeous rose scent and beautiful rich consistency, and a little goes a long way. 


The Science Behind the Beauty?

One of the reasons Live Native is so fantastic is the formulations are cold pressed and raw, which means all the plant based active ingredients stay active as there is no heat or excessive chemical processing to denature proteins, or degrade vitamins naturally active in the ingredients. Studies have found high pressure and high temperature cooking processes can degrade certain vitamins and beneficial molecules. I know personally I feel amazing when I eat raw fruit and veg, and I'm glad my skincare is getting the same treatment!
The Oleo-active moisturiser has an extensive list of beautiful skin nourishing ingredients. Coconut oil, Shea butter, Argan, sunflower seed oil, Rosehip oil and Vitamin E, are perfect skin replenishing moisturisers, which provide your essential fatty acids vital for retaining healthy skin. There are several extremely healing, balancing and calming ingredients such as Aloe vera and sea buckthorn extract, which due to its high antioxidant content, has been shown to assist wound healing greatly as well as having antibacterial qualities across several  harmful strains of bacteria.  

The addition of pomegranate and elderberry are fantastic. Pomegranate is an extremely interesting one; cited as a " wonder fruit" by researchers, it has showed some amazing results in clinical trials.  It has also been shown to help UVB associated damage and skin pigmentation, as well as having chemoprotective and anti-tumour forming properties for the skin. It has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and also assists skin healing after trauma. Elderberry extract is being increasingly used, and has shown significant protection against free radical stress in endothelial cells. It is fantastic to know these active ingredients have such a rich concentration of antioxidants. 

The Essential Beauty Serum is rich in some beautiful omega 3, 6 & 7 oils such as Argan oil and thus providing EFAs which the body cannot produce and thus must obtain for healthy skin. Addition of white tea and rose otto (oil extracted from a variety of rose petals) have fantastic anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing qualities. They have been shown to be anti-collaganase and anti-elastase, which are enzymes known to degrade protein and collagen, and thus are implicated in the ageing process.

5/5 Test tubes
There are a plethora of outstanding ingredients in these formulations and my skin looks dewy and glows thanks to these gorgeous products! I cannot recommend these products enough. A must have for anyone with skin that needs a nutrient boost, and those looking to try something extremely unique and pioneering.  

I really hope you've enjoyed this post- have you tried any Live Native products? 


  1. As I was reading this I was ticking off a checklist in my head for a perfect sounding cleanser....woody scent (check!), balm (check!) it sounds amazing!! And I've never even heard of this brand idea how?! Thanks for sharing...another cleanser on my wishlist ;) x

  2. The scent of wood and fir sound amazing. I have GOT to try this!
    Renee x