Bodhi and Birch Jasmine falls gift set review and Cocoa cocoon Lip butter

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

         I had been admiring Bodhi & Birch's range for quite a while now; since discovering their range on Sophia's Choice. I absolutely adored the way Bodhi & Birch put together some extremely unique  scents and formulation. The scents are rustic, rich and powerful, and utilise the most unique active vegan ingredients free from all parabens, SLS,  Phthalates and other synthetics. The ingredients nourish the skin as well as providing a fantastic, luxurious sensual experience.

(Absolutely gorgeous gift wrapping) 

     When Bodhi & Birch offered to send me the Jasmine falls Bath set and the cocoa cocoon lip butter (vegan, beeswax free- a rarity in itself!) I was over the moon!

         The shower gel and body lotion are extremely nourishing and not harsh at all, (I always test on my face to see how gentle- a true blogger guinea pig!) and they were perfect. The set is an exuberant  rich, woody, oriental floral scent, with overtones of Jasmine and undertones of honey suckle. It is one of those lovely changing scents that seems to change every time you use it. It is a mature scent and if you are a fan of woody, sandalwood flavours this gift set is for you. There is also something extremely unisex about it; which I love. It also is a lovely set to have in your bathroom and I adore Bodhi & Birch's high end branding and packaging.  This is a lovely little set to relax and unwind me in the new year!

      The Cocoa Cocoon lip balm is beautiful. In fact, my favourite lip butter to date. It rescues chapped lips instantly and you get a gorgeous mint chocolate taste! The ingredients are fantastic, and I can't think of a better devised lip butter.

The Science Behind the Beauty? 

 The Jasmine Falls set has some very interesting ingredients; firstly all the constituents derived for preserving power and consistency are all from the naturally occurring essential oils (which I always think is very clever). Among some beautiful skin softening additions in the moisturiser of coconut oil and shea butter, there were some very unique additions. Organic Kukui seed oil was added- I can't tell you how much I love discovering ingredients like this! Kukui is a tree used as a medicinal plant in Hawaii- ( It was so good- Polynesians carried it from place to place- which I think says a lot!) Current research into the Kukui seed oil has shown it to have fantastic healing qualities due to several factors; a high omega 3 profile decreasing an inflammation pathway, and also its ability to penetrate into the skin to alter its intrinsic lipid profile. It's properties also make it a silky soft textural addition (so ideal for bath and shower products!)  Vetiver, a unique Indian species of grass is also used; a fantastic fixative agent, and provides a fantastic scent, utilised by many top perfumers.

      In terms of the relaxing basis of the formulation- I can definitely vouch for that! I have had aromatherapy massages and been left in a relaxed haze for weeks after, and research trials have suggested the power of certain absorbed aromatherapy oils.

     The addition of Ylang Ylang in this shower gel and moisturiser is a fantastic choice for relaxation. A study in Phytotherapy research found 40 volunteers to have felt significantly calmer via self evaluation, while simultaneously measuring physiological parameters such as pulse rate and blood pressure. Remarkably, blood pressure was reduced significantly after this oil was absorbed through the skin, and it is thought to be due to less arousal of the Autonomic nervous system- perhaps illustrating how powerful and effective these oils can be.  An extremely well devised relaxing duo by Bodhi & Birch indeed. 

The Cocoa cocoon was stunning. My lips have never felt softer, and is the perfect overnight treatment. A little also goes a long way. Cocoa polyphenols and cocoa butter  have been shown to increase collagen density in vitro, which for me is perfect for full, moisturised, youthful lips. Bodhi & Birch also added some incredibly unique ingredients again; My favourite addition has to be the addition of Seabuckthorn oil. This is indubitably one of my " wonder ingredients", and there have been some fantastic clinical trials seconding its multi-beneficial properties.  It has a high antioxidant profile, can rescue cells from free radical damage, is immunomodulatory, and is high in vitamins, flavenoids, sterols, and essential fatty acids.  A fantastic table of all the qualities can be seen in this review.

5/5- Incredibly unique ingredients. Rich, luxurious and multifaceted scents. 

 I also have a code on my side bar for 10% off Bodhi & Birch products for my readers too if you would like to try some of these lovely products. 

Have you tried any Bodhi & Birch products? 


  1. I love Bodhi & Birch too. Their Siam Ginger & Camomile Sky shower therapies are my favourite but my all time favourite is Neroli Luce oil from them!

    1. I LOVE neroli so would totally be up for trying this! I just love how unique the combinations of scents are. Hope you're well lovely