AEOS Active organic Skincare review

Thursday, 19 February 2015

 I was extremely excited to try the AEOS range, a brand I had lusted over for quite a while. AEOS have several different fantastic concepts that make up their brand. Firstly, AEOS believes in a multi step skincare routine to maximise effectiveness and penetration of ingredients into the skin. The ingredients are sourced from their organic, biodynamic farms and they are a big believer in active organic ingredients to combat skin problems.  

      The main idea is a 3 step, renewal, rebalance and replenish routine and I adore the gentle exfoliant in particular. The range was beautifully gentle, and a rewarding, pampering routine. The essential oils were aromatic and sensual with a strong basis on Rose geranium  (which is a perfect balancing essential oil for the skin) my skin felt very soft after the process- an extremely purifying routine which my winter, stressed skin needed very much! 

The Science behind the beauty?  

I adore the fact that AEOS grow as much of their ingredients as they can on their biodynamic farms, and if they can't they source from other organic biodynamic farms. The idea behind biodynamic farms is that there is less energy usage and significantly less pesticide use allowing for more biodiversity. The exfoliant consists of Spelt Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosewater, Calendula Extract, Lemon Myrtle Oil and Lavender Oil. I couldn't think of a more nourishing and balancing mix of oils. Exfoliants with oils as the basis is fantastic, Jojoba has been clinically proven to promote skin softness and has been shown to be extremely healing and rejuvenating for skin trauma and conditions such as acne.   As  my skin can get super dry in winter, this plethora of beautiful oils acts as a cushion for the exfoliant nature of the scrub. There is also a nice mix between the more conditioning and nourishing oils ( hazelnut, avocado and jojoba) and the balancing and purifying oils. (Calendula, lemon myrtle and Lavender)  Lavender has been shown to be broad spectrum antimicrobial, and potentially protective against DNA damage. 

        The addition of Lemon Myrtle oil, an Australian herb similar to Tea tree and Eucalyptus is extremely interesting. We know tea tree's indubitable benefits for skin conditions such as acne, so the addition of Lemon myrtle which has some fantastic purifying antibacterial benefits is great news for an exfoliant. The serum was also fantastic, it didn't feel like it was clogging the skin and my skin could really breathe. It was beautifully scented and instantly uplifting.  With the addition of rose water, rose extract and rose geranium, it makes for a beautifully restorative, skin calming mix, as rose extract has been shown to be significantly anti-inflammatory and protective against damage in human fibroblast cells.  All the products I tried were lovely, and I like how AEOS use a skin conditioner and hydrating mist as part of the routine too, you really feel through all of the products you are giving your skin everything it possibly needs. 

It is no wonder that the AEOS range has won multiple awards and I will definitely be using the AEOS range again.

  5/5 test tubes a beautiful, highly nourishing and purifying range.

Have you tried any products from AEOS? 


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