Green frog botanic neroli and lime vegan botanical body wash

Thursday, 9 April 2015

       I am the biggest fan of refreshing showers in the morning (especially as the weather can't seem to decide if it will be leaving winter or not) but have always found scents rarely stay with you post shower, and some soaps can be a little abrasive for my sensitive skin. When I discovered Greenfrog Botanics at a Vegfest convention, I was very intrigued by the unique concept from Greenfrog Botanics.

Greenfrog Botanics use an amazing natural and organic botanical soap from the Himalayas, from a magical berry called the soapberry! They also expertly add some active plant extracts harnessing their proven qualities such as Aloe vera for nourishing the skin as you clean and  the antibacterial properties of citrus oils such as lime essential oil. I come out of the shower feeling invigorated, and with a gorgeous residual neroli and lime scent! I am really happy to have found some beautiful bath products that have been devised to nourish and clean, with a gorgeous pampering creamy consistency.

The Science behind the Beauty?  

Soapberries are believed to be used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and are a natural surfactant which cleanses gently and is used in some natural detergents. This is great news for us with sensitive skin! It also means no SLS, and other artificials which are common in many bath and shower products.
I think it is incredible how Greenfrog Botanics have used compounds derived from coconut to produce a foaming effect, and really show they have thought of everything. Lime oil has been shown to be extremely antimicrobial across the spectrum and  lemon oil and bitter orange are fantastic antimicrobial and antioxidant additions, with one study showing that topical lemon oil use on the skin significantly increases the ability of the skin to protect itself from damaging free radicals, and thus oils like lemon oil are great anti-ageing compounds.  Aloe vera is well documented in dermatology, and has been effective against many skin conditions, including psoriasis- improving a substantial amount >80% of patients in one clinical trial. This could therefore be a fantastic addition for anyone prone to dry/sensitive skin!

A simply beautiful bath product- A great way of protecting and revitalising you and your skin while you wash without harsh additives.

5/5 Test tubes
I really hope you've enjoyed this post! Have you tried any natural bath products?

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