The Perfect summer routine- Vegan Eco tan review

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

It is safe to say that I have found my favourite tanning system! Wow.  The Eco tan by Sonya  range is simply beautiful! As a very pale person, I love the feeling a good bronzed tan gives me- I feel healthy and my skin looks even and glowy. I have always had a few problems with sunless tanners not blending well or having that distinctive sunless tan scent.  But Eco Tan is different; I was left with the most beautiful bronzed skin, with very little scent at all. Couple that with the fact the range is vegan and Certified Organic with some really special green beauty friendly moisturisers, it is very clear that Eco Tan by Sonya is a truely outstanding range.

    The process is a 2 step process, starting with the invigorating Pink Himilayan Salt Scrub exfoliator, devised with stimulating lemongrass and coconut oil. (It is fantastic for problem skin too due to the  antibacterial Himilayan sea salt and coconut oil).  I applied the scrub on dry skin 24-48 hours before the tanner and my skin was left incredibly smooth. I felt like using the scrub was tantamount to body brushing in terms of boosting circulation, deep cleansing, and detoxing the skin.

         I then applied the tanner and overnight I was left with the most beautiful consistent colour. I now feel completely ready for the summer and have shed my dull wintery cocoon. As a consequence, I feel a lot better in myself and more confident. This is an amazing range, and I am so lucky to have tried it! The tan also left no marks on the bed clothes, and delivers on its Invisible tan promise! I would recommend to everyone, the ingredients couldn't be more beautifying and moisturising. An absolute feel good product range, that look after your skin as you tan too.

 The Science Behind The Beauty?

The pre-tan exfoliant Pink Himilayan salt scrub targets dry skin, cellulite and pigmentation. The range of ingredients have the perfect balance for an exfoliant: antibacterial (for problem skin), circulation stimulating (for a brighter complexion) and nourishing, so that natural skin oils are replenished with beautiful organic fruit and nut oils. Macadamia seed oil is added, and Macadamia has been shown to have a fantastic fatty acid and vitamin E profile, as well as the kernels having a high antioxidant profile. 

Coconut oil, Vitamin E and pink grapefruit oil, are beautiful additions. Peppermint oil is added, and is notoriously good for its stimulating effects and is frequently used in skincare products (such as lip plumpers) due to its blood flow boosting properties.  Himalayan pink salt, known for trace minerals such as iodine and magnesium is a lovely addition, and great for a deep invigorating exfoliation. 

   The Invisible tan utilises some very skin nourishing and calming ingredients such as Aloe vera and Chamomile which are perfect  ingredients for sensitive skin like mine. As I am prone to dry skin too,  this is a fantastic way of moisturising as I tan. Thankyou so much to the lovely team at Eco Tan for introducing me to the perfect tanner!

5/5 test tubes- a moisturising, skin renewing tanning range

Have you tried any products from the Eco Tan range?

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  1. Haven't tried it yet but I want to! Good to know how to combinate with other products from this line. I am also very pale and I would really love to look more tanned as a lot of people often have asked me if I feel sick because I'm so pale haha. I heard that the product 'winter skin' by Eco Tan is better for very pale skin? What do you think?
    Thanks for the interesting interview!