Green Energy Organics Brand focus : U.K Launch

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Recently I was invited to the most fantastic event in Kensington, by the lovely Rebecca Goodyear. It was to celebrate the UK launch of the incredible Luxe Italian skincare brand: Green Energy Organics available online at Millibaci. The fantastic green Italian skincare brand encapsulates my favourite ethos: Natural products formulated by scientists from a top Italian laboratory.  Wilma, the founder told me how Green Energy Organics, made in Milan has been developed in collaboration with a top Italian University research institute called the Pavia Institute, and is made using the highest quality, organic fruit and plant derived actives.
 This is a beautiful range. My skin has really never felt softer, silkier or fresher. I have been using the luxurious cream cleanser, followed by the Infusion Tonique, and it is one of the most purifying, freshening skincare systems I have used. I would recommend to anyone, I am quite amazed at just how soft my skin is and how even my complexion is. I am definitely a Green Energy Organics convert!

{Body lotion range- from floral sweet to rich, vanillary cocoa butter fragrances; the longest lasting fragrances I have ever experienced with body lotion (my skin still smells like chocolate and cinnamon the day after!) I was lucky enough to be given a gorgeous bag full of a range of products, I tried the Infusion Toner, Body lotion, Creme cleanser, and the rich nourishing shea butter hair masque all outstanding}

  {Green energy Organics gorgeous selection of facial toners- fresh, refreshing, skin purifying and left my skin so soft}

{The delicious spread of Italian antipasti at the event- artichokes, olives, mushrooms and peppers- amazing Italian hospitality and food!}
The Science behind The Beauty?

 Green Energy Organics have a lot of integrity as a brand, there are no artificial or harsh chemicals , and they produce organic formulations from certified farms, with some really beautiful ingredients and actives rich in antioxidants, as well as adding nourishing skin oils that really work to soften and perfect the skin-
I could talk about the actives all day. Here are some ingredients I have picked out from their formulations which I think contribute to the range being so nourishing and skin conditioning. The addition of Calendula extract across the range is fantastic, and has been shown to be a skin protector with skin healing properties as well as being frequently used in the treatment of psoriasis. Sweet Almond oil is added and is thought to reduce scarring while simultaneously boosting skin tone and the complexion.  
Rice bran oil, shea butter and cocoa seed butter additions are the ultimate in skin nourishment, rich in essential fatty acids, polyphenols, and vitamin E. Mallow leaf extract is frequently used in rich masques and balms and as a skin conditioner and is one of my favourite additions in the range. The Face Cleanser - La Recolte Des Plantes is also packed full of Omega 3, 6 and 9 containing ingredients, which is inherently important for keeping a healthy skin lipid barrier, an amazing softening edition in a cleanser.

This range is stunning. I have the softest skin from using these products. Thank you so much for launching in the UK, Green Energy Organics! 

5/5 test tubes. My skin has never felt softer


  1. Interesting! I remember spotting this brand quite some time ago but it was only available in Italy!
    Seems really nice, going to explore it a bit better now! x

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