Oxygenetix Breathable foundation review

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

         I've been trialling the amazing Oxygenetix foundation for a few weeks now, and I have absolutely loved it. The formulation doesn't dry my skin out and leaves a really silky soft finish, as well as being natural looking while concealing any blemishes.  I also wear a moisturising oil underneath my makeup and the foundation holds and doesn't slide off, giving a lovely dewy finish with no tell tale signs of full coverage makeup associated dryness which I sometimes get with some fuller coverage foundations. I find that there is always a dilemma with wearing foundation, about potential comedogenic qualities, and also with accentuating features like large pores, mild acne and dry skin. (especially in summer, and in natural or studio lights- full coverage foundation is usually my nemesis!)
       Oxygenetix has really proved that there doesn't need to be a compromise. The formulation is paraben and mineral oil free and formulated with a beautifully skin calming base of Aloe vera gel.  It is no wonder that this Beverly Hills formulated makeup is a staple of celebrities, dermatologists, and has graced the pages of Luxe publications. The formulation is hypoallergenic and was developed in clinics, with physicians and their patients, and has been routinely used on post-surgical patients, showing the gentleness, and the heal-and-conceal nature of the formulation.
The Science Behind the Beauty?
The addition of Aloe vera gel as the base to Oxygenetix couldn't be better in my opinion, the current literature is full of studies on the use of Aloe Vera in clinical settings. The polysaccharide rich nature of Aloe Vera extract has been shown to improve hydration, by increasing water content of the stratum corneum  (skin surface layer) which could be beneficial to dry skin and also pertinent in repairing damaged skin. The healing benefits of Aloe Vera could also be due to the powerful intrinsic antibacterial properties of the gel, appearing to inhibit a plethora of  bacteria. The form of aloe vera gel, appears to be significantly better at inhibition than solely the leaf, showing again just how well devised this formulation is. The patent pending complex Ceravitae, derived from yeast, promotes collagen production, while also promoting oxygen reaching the skin, making the formulation breathable, and the foundation feels exactly that, totally humidity and temperature resistant, wearing this on the hottest days of the year feels fantastic.
The addition of Salix alba  (willow bark) extract, has been shown to have strong antioxidant effects, and this may be due to the polyphenols and flavonoids present which have also been shown to be anti-inflammatory. Salix alba contains the key salicilin compound. Although I am not a chemist- so bare with me! Salicylic acid can be derived from salicilin with several chemical modifications as well as salicylic acid being naturally present in the bark extract too in varying concentrations.  Salicylic acid is also the go to ingredient in acne formulations in high street and high end products. Similarly, when salicilin is applied topically, it has reduced the signs of ageing across several parameters according to an in depth study by The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. 
           These powerful botanical additions coupled with the addition of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing vitamin which also has skin barrier stabilising qualities and thus could be seen as a crucial vitamin for repair,  make this heal-and-conceal makeup range a definite forerunner in the future of foundations. Especially useful for those who may have undergone dermatological treatments, meaning downtime for patients is greatly lessoned, while simultaneously giving skin extra TLC and support in the repair process.
5/5 Test tubes
This is a truly fantastic product, Oxygenetix have thought of every foundation need from having a paraben, oil free, and hypoallergenic  product, to adding an SPF 25, to  making the formulation transfer resistant and long lasting. This is definitely the future of makeup; skin treatment while enhancing, concealing, and beautifying the complexion.


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  1. Sounds really nice! would love to know the full product composition! Does it contain silicons?